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* Fix write_page_write_jedec() in jedec.cGiampiero Giancipoli2006-11-221-14/+49
* Removing $Id$ tags as they have no meaning in SVNStefan Reinauer2006-08-231-1/+0
* Flashrom update from Stefan, resolve issue 21Ollie Lho2005-11-261-47/+49
* Add -E option for chip erase, remove duplicated codeOllie Lho2004-12-081-41/+21
* Add retry to write_byte_program_jedec(), 99% success rateOllie Lho2004-12-081-1/+7
* SST49LF00[2,3,4] should use the same driver as 49LF008Ollie Lho2004-12-071-17/+20
* Support for sst firmware hubRonald G. Minnich2004-09-301-0/+29
* Data type consistenceOllie Lho2004-03-271-7/+5
* Remove false alarm of erase/write, use verify '-v' if you are not sure about ...Ollie Lho2004-03-271-14/+7
* More jedec standard consolidationOllie Lho2004-03-221-31/+37
* Remove unused #define and function declarationOllie Lho2004-03-201-3/+4
* Consolidate more jedec standard codeOllie Lho2004-03-201-70/+130
* Remove duplicated codeOllie Lho2004-03-191-26/+71
* Changes from NIKIRonald G. Minnich2003-09-121-1/+6
* Made the ids always print in hex less verbose verify stepRonald G. Minnich2003-02-281-1/+1
* Can now burn 82802abRonald G. Minnich2002-09-061-1/+5
* FixesRonald G. Minnich2002-01-291-20/+21
* Trying to make this general purpose user-land flash burnerRonald G. Minnich2002-01-291-0/+88
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