path: root/it85spi.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Use shutdown callback mechanism to shutdown programmersDavid Hendricks2011-06-141-7/+11
* Kill central list of SPI programmersMichael Karcher2011-05-111-5/+16
* Factor out SPI write/read chunking wrappersMichael Karcher2011-05-111-10/+0
* Add support for more than one Super I/O or EC per machineCarl-Daniel Hailfinger2011-04-271-68/+8
* Various IT85* cleanups and fixesCarl-Daniel Hailfinger2011-03-081-16/+27
* Update the ITE IT8500 EC support to match the current state of the flashrom-c...David Hendricks2011-02-281-12/+159
* Add generalized support for ITE IT8500/IT8502 embedded controllersDonald Huang2011-02-221-0/+262
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