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* Drop a bunch of useless header files, merge them into flash.hUwe Hermann2007-08-231-2/+0
* Fix up and document the AMD CS5530/CS5530A supportUwe Hermann2007-06-061-10/+21
* Document the newly supported IBM x3455 board and the now-supported Broadcom H...Uwe Hermann2007-06-051-4/+3
* Move GPIO settings to board specific code for IBM x3455Stefan Reinauer2007-06-051-5/+0
* Add support for BCM HT1000 chipsetStefan Reinauer2007-06-051-0/+24
* Add support for ASUS P5A (Socket 7, ALi based)Luc Verhaegen2007-05-201-0/+14
* Fix coding style of flashrom by running indent on all filesUwe Hermann2007-05-091-141/+134
* Add support for CX700 builtin southbridgeRandall Philipson2007-04-091-0/+1
* Split flash_enable.c into chipset_enable.c and board_enable.cLuc Verhaegen2007-04-041-0/+469
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