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diff --git a/flashchips.h b/flashchips.h
index 2115930..100d95a 100644
--- a/flashchips.h
+++ b/flashchips.h
@@ -591,8 +591,11 @@
#define ST_M29W010B 0x23
#define ST_M29W040B 0xE3
#define ST_M29W512B 0x27
-#define ST_N25Q064__3E 0xBA17 /* N25Q064, 3.0V, 64KB/4KB blocks/sectors */
-#define ST_N25Q064__1E 0xBB17 /* N25Q064, 1.8V, 64KB/4KB blocks/sectors */
+#define ST_N25Q016__1E 0xBB15 /* N25Q016, 1.8V, (uniform sectors expected) */
+#define ST_N25Q032__3E 0xBA16 /* N25Q032, 3.0V, (uniform sectors expected) */
+#define ST_N25Q032__1E 0xBB16 /* N25Q032, 1.8V, (uniform sectors expected) */
+#define ST_N25Q064__3E 0xBA17 /* N25Q064, 3.0V, (uniform sectors expected) */
+#define ST_N25Q064__1E 0xBB17 /* N25Q064, 1.8V, (uniform sectors expected) */
#define SYNCMOS_MVC_ID 0x40 /* SyncMOS (SM) and Mosel Vitelic Corporation (MVC) */
#define MVC_V29C51000T 0x00
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