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@@ -33,6 +33,7 @@ COMMAND Description Parameters Return Value
0x12 Set used bustype 8-bit flags (as with 0x05) ACK / NAK
0x13 Perform SPI operation 24-bit slen + 24-bit rlen ACK + rlen bytes of data / NAK
+ slen bytes of data
+0x14 Set SPI clock frequency in Hz 32-bit requested frequency ACK + 32-bit set frequency / NAK
0x?? unimplemented command - invalid.
@@ -73,6 +74,14 @@ Additional information of the above commands:
Maximum slen is Q_WRNMAXLEN in case Q_BUSTYPE returns SPI only or S_BUSTYPE was used
to set SPI exclusively before. Same for rlen and Q_RDNMAXLEN.
This operation is immediate, meaning it doesnt use the operation buffer.
+ 0x14 (S_SPI_FREQ):
+ Set the SPI clock frequency. The 32-bit value indicates the
+ requested frequency in Hertz. Value 0 is reserved and should
+ be NAKed by the programmer. The requested frequency should be
+ mapped by the programmer software to a supported frequency
+ lower than the one requested. If there is no lower frequency
+ available the lowest possible should be used. The value
+ chosen is sent back in the reply with an ACK.
About mandatory commands:
The only truly mandatory commands for any device are 0x00, 0x01, 0x02 and 0x10,
but one can't really do anything with these commands.
@@ -107,3 +116,4 @@ This define listing should help C coders - (it's here to be the single source fo
#define S_CMD_Q_RDNMAXLEN 0x11 /* Query read-n maximum length */
#define S_CMD_S_BUSTYPE 0x12 /* Set used bustype(s). */
#define S_CMD_O_SPIOP 0x13 /* Perform SPI operation. */
+#define S_CMD_S_SPI_FREQ 0x14 /* Set SPI clock frequency */
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