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In addition, support for these commands is recommended:
-This define listing should help C coders - (it's here to be the single source for copying - will be a .h someday i think)
-#define S_ACK 0x06
-#define S_NAK 0x15
-#define S_CMD_NOP 0x00 /* No operation */
-#define S_CMD_Q_IFACE 0x01 /* Query interface version */
-#define S_CMD_Q_CMDMAP 0x02 /* Query supported commands bitmap */
-#define S_CMD_Q_PGMNAME 0x03 /* Query programmer name */
-#define S_CMD_Q_SERBUF 0x04 /* Query Serial Buffer Size */
-#define S_CMD_Q_BUSTYPE 0x05 /* Query supported bustypes */
-#define S_CMD_Q_CHIPSIZE 0x06 /* Query supported chipsize (2^n format) */
-#define S_CMD_Q_OPBUF 0x07 /* Query operation buffer size */
-#define S_CMD_Q_WRNMAXLEN 0x08 /* Query Write to opbuf: Write-N maximum length */
-#define S_CMD_R_BYTE 0x09 /* Read a single byte */
-#define S_CMD_R_NBYTES 0x0A /* Read n bytes */
-#define S_CMD_O_INIT 0x0B /* Initialize operation buffer */
-#define S_CMD_O_WRITEB 0x0C /* Write opbuf: Write byte with address */
-#define S_CMD_O_WRITEN 0x0D /* Write to opbuf: Write-N */
-#define S_CMD_O_DELAY 0x0E /* Write opbuf: udelay */
-#define S_CMD_O_EXEC 0x0F /* Execute operation buffer */
-#define S_CMD_SYNCNOP 0x10 /* Special no-operation that returns NAK+ACK */
-#define S_CMD_Q_RDNMAXLEN 0x11 /* Query read-n maximum length */
-#define S_CMD_S_BUSTYPE 0x12 /* Set used bustype(s). */
-#define S_CMD_O_SPIOP 0x13 /* Perform SPI operation. */
-#define S_CMD_S_SPI_FREQ 0x14 /* Set SPI clock frequency */
+See also serprog.h.
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