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authorStefan Tauner <>2013-09-13 17:21:05 +0000
committerStefan Tauner <>2013-09-13 17:21:05 +0000
commit26e7a154a87a16cf0607e381bd0f0936879e5939 (patch)
tree130437ec1766c73c4963c1aeee1e8cc9a4f304d8 /flashrom.c
parentc65b8555d5c002dfa102377849916327e05c7712 (diff)
Add debug output to programmer_map_flash_region()
While we don't expect addresses with more than 32 bits here, let's print the whole possible range for debugging anyway. Corresponding to flashrom svn r1743. Signed-off-by: Stefan Tauner <> Acked-by: Stefan Tauner <>
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1 files changed, 4 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/flashrom.c b/flashrom.c
index a00347e..9169620 100644
--- a/flashrom.c
+++ b/flashrom.c
@@ -432,8 +432,10 @@ int programmer_shutdown(void)
void *programmer_map_flash_region(const char *descr, uintptr_t phys_addr, size_t len)
- return programmer_table[programmer].map_flash_region(descr,
- phys_addr, len);
+ void *ret = programmer_table[programmer].map_flash_region(descr, phys_addr, len);
+ msg_gspew("%s: mapping %s from 0x%0*" PRIxPTR " to 0x%0*" PRIxPTR "\n",
+ __func__, descr, PRIxPTR_WIDTH, phys_addr, PRIxPTR_WIDTH, (uintptr_t) ret);
+ return ret;
void programmer_unmap_flash_region(void *virt_addr, size_t len)
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