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Pimp the manpage to create nicer hyperlinks and HTML output
Also, add a target to the makefile to build a flashrom.8.html with groff. To fix some formatting issues this adds some indention commands as well. Corresponding to flashrom svn r1913. Signed-off-by: Stefan Tauner <> Acked-by: Carl-Daniel Hailfinger <>
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@@ -1,3 +1,43 @@
+.\" Load the www device when using groff; provide a fallback for groff's MTO macro that formats email addresses. \n[.g] \
+. mso www.tmac
+.el \
+. de MTO \\$2 \(la\\$1 \(ra\\$3
+. .
+.\" Create wrappers for .MTO and .URL that print only text on systems w/o groff or if not outputting to a HTML
+.\" device. To that end we need to distinguish HTML output on groff from other configurations first. groffhtml 0
+.if \n[.g] \
+. if "\*[.T]"html" \
+. nr groffhtml 1
+.\" For code reuse it would be nice to have a single wrapper that gets its target macro as parameter.
+.\" However, this did not work out with NetBSD's and OpenBSD's groff... URLB
+. ie (\n[groffhtml]==1) \{\
+. URL \\$@
+. \}
+. el \{\
+. ie "\\$2"" \{\
+. BR "\\$1" "\\$3"
+. \}
+. el \{\
+. RB "\\$2 \(la" "\\$1" "\(ra\\$3"
+. \}
+. \}
+.. MTOB
+. ie (\n[groffhtml]==1) \{\
+. MTO \\$@
+. \}
+. el \{\
+. ie "\\$2"" \{\
+. BR "\\$1" "\\$3"
+. \}
+. el \{\
+. RB "\\$2 \(la" "\\$1" "\(ra\\$3"
+. \}
+. \}
.TH FLASHROM 8 "" ""
flashrom \- detect, read, write, verify and erase flash chips
@@ -160,9 +200,8 @@ if you have proper means to recover from failure!
Same as
.BR \-\-list\-supported ,
but outputs the supported hardware in MediaWiki syntax, so that it can be
-easily pasted into the wiki page at
-.BR .
+easily pasted into the
+.URLB "supported hardware wiki page" .
Please note that MediaWiki output is not compiled in by default.
.B "\-p, \-\-programmer <name>[:parameter[,parameter[,parameter]]]"
@@ -452,9 +491,9 @@ unusable (see also the
section). The embedded controller (EC) in these
machines often interacts badly with flashing.
-has more information. For example the EC firmware sometimes resides on the same
+More information is
+.URLB "in the wiki" .
+For example the EC firmware sometimes resides on the same
flash chip as the host firmware. While flashrom tries to change the contents of
that memory the EC might need to fetch new instructions or data from it and
could stop working correctly. Probing for and reading from the chip may also
@@ -480,10 +519,9 @@ like above. In this case you can use
to tell flashrom (at your own risk) that it is not running on a laptop.
.BR "dummy " programmer
-The dummy programmer operates on a buffer in memory only. It provides a safe
-and fast way to test various aspects of flashrom and is mainly used in
-development and while debugging.
+The dummy programmer operates on a buffer in memory only. It provides a safe and fast way to test various
+aspects of flashrom and is mainly used in development and while debugging.
It is able to emulate some chips to a certain degree (basic
identify/read/erase/write operations work).
@@ -599,6 +637,7 @@ is an 8-bit hexadecimal value.
.BR "nic3com" , " nicrealtek" , " nicnatsemi" , " nicintel", " nicintel_eeprom"\
, " nicintel_spi" , " gfxnvidia" , " ogp_spi" , " drkaiser" , " satasii"\
, " satamv" , " atahpt", " atavia " and " it8212 " programmers
These programmers have an option to specify the PCI address of the card
your want to use, which must be specified if more than one card supported
by the selected programmer is installed in your system. The syntax is
@@ -619,6 +658,7 @@ Example:
.B "flashrom \-p nic3com:pci=05:04.0"
.BR "atavia " programmer
Due to the mysterious address handling of the VIA VT6421A controller the user can specify an offset with the
.B " flashrom \-p atavia:offset=addr"
@@ -627,10 +667,10 @@ syntax where
.B addr
will be interpreted as usual (leading 0x (0) for hexadecimal (octal) values, or else decimal).
For more information please see
+.URLB "its wiki page" .
.BR "nicintel_eeprom " programmer
This is the first programmer module in flashrom that does not provide access to NOR flash chips but EEPROMs
mounted on gigabit Ethernet cards based on Intel's 82580 NIC. Because EEPROMs normally do not announce their
size nor allow to be identified, the controller relies on correct size values written to predefined addresses
@@ -639,6 +679,7 @@ EEPROM/card is detected. Intel specifies following EEPROMs to be compatible: Atm
M95128, M95256 and OnSemi (Catalyst) CAT25CS128.
.BR "ft2232_spi " programmer
An optional parameter specifies the controller
type and channel/interface/port it should support. For that you have to use the
@@ -682,6 +723,7 @@ parameter with the
.BR "serprog " programmer
A mandatory parameter specifies either a serial device (and baud rate) or an IP/port combination for
communicating with the programmer.
The device/baud combination has to start with
@@ -711,6 +753,7 @@ More information about serprog is available in
in the source distribution.
.BR "buspirate_spi " programmer
A required
.B dev
parameter specifies the Bus Pirate device node and an optional
@@ -735,12 +778,13 @@ where
.B state
can be
.BR on " or " off .
-More information about the Bus Pirate pull-up resistors and their purpose is available at
-.BR " " .
+More information about the Bus Pirate pull-up resistors and their purpose is available
+.URLB "" \
+"in a guide by dangerousprototypes" .
Only the external supply voltage (Vpu) is supported as of this writing.
.BR "pickit2_spi " programmer
An optional
.B voltage
parameter specifies the voltage the PICkit2 should use. The default unit is Volt if no unit is specified.
@@ -769,6 +813,7 @@ can be
(in Hz). The default is a frequency of 1 MHz.
.BR "dediprog " programmer
An optional
.B voltage
parameter specifies the voltage the Dediprog should use. The default unit is
@@ -819,6 +864,7 @@ can be
to select target chip 1 or 2 respectively. The default is target chip 1.
.BR "rayer_spi " programmer
The default I/O base address used for the parallel port is 0x378 and you can use
the optional
.B iobase
@@ -844,19 +890,16 @@ can be
STK200/300, " wiggler " for the Macraigor Wiggler, or " xilinx " for the Xilinx Parallel Cable III (DLC 5)."
More information about the RayeR hardware is available at
-.BR " " .
+.URLB "" "RayeR's website" .
The Altera ByteBlasterMV datasheet can be obtained from
-.BR " " .
+.URLB "" Altera .
For more information about the Macraigor Wiggler see
-.BR " " .
+.URLB "" "their company homepage" .
The schematic of the Xilinx DLC 5 was published in
-.BR " " .
+.URLB "" "a Xilinx user guide" .
.BR "pony_spi " programmer
The serial port (like /dev/ttyS0, /dev/ttyUSB0 on Linux or COM3 on windows) is
specified using the mandatory
.B dev
@@ -867,8 +910,7 @@ named "serbang". The optional
parameter accepts the values "si_prog" (default) or "serbang".
Information about the SI-Prog adapter can be found at
-.BR " " .
+.URLB "" "its website" .
An example call to flashrom is
@@ -878,6 +920,7 @@ Please note that while USB-to-serial adapters work under certain circumstances,
this slows down operation considerably.
.BR "ogp_spi " programmer
The flash ROM chip to access must be specified with the
.B rom
@@ -907,6 +950,7 @@ More information about the hardware is available at
.BR .
.BR "linux_spi " programmer
You have to specify the SPI controller to use with the
.B " flashrom \-p linux_spi:dev=/dev/spidevX.Y"
@@ -925,6 +969,7 @@ Example that sets the frequency to 8 MHz:
Please note that the linux_spi driver only works on Linux.
.BR "mstarddc_spi " programmer
The Display Data Channel (DDC) is an I2C bus present on VGA and DVI connectors, that allows exchanging
informations between a computer and attached displays. Its most common uses are getting display capabilities
through EDID (at I2C address 0x50) and sending commands to the display using the DDC/CI protocol (at address
@@ -1024,7 +1069,7 @@ needs TCP access to the network or userspace access to a serial port.
.B buspirate_spi
needs userspace access to a serial port.
-.BR dediprog ", " ft2232_spi " and " usbblaster_spi and " pickit2_spi
+.BR dediprog ", " ft2232_spi ", " usbblaster_spi " and " pickit2_spi
need access to the USB device via libusb.
.B dummy
@@ -1034,7 +1079,7 @@ needs no access permissions at all.
.BR gfxnvidia ", " drkaiser ", " satasii ", " satamv ", " atahpt" and " atavia
have to be run as superuser/root, and need additional raw access permission.
-.BR serprog ", " buspirate_spi ", " dediprog ", " usbblaster_spi " and " ft2232_spi and " pickit2_spi
+.BR serprog ", " buspirate_spi ", " dediprog ", " usbblaster_spi ", " ft2232_spi " and " pickit2_spi
can be run as normal user on most operating systems if appropriate device
permissions are set.
@@ -1047,23 +1092,22 @@ in
.B "/etc/rc.securelevel"
and rebooting, or rebooting into single user mode.
-Please report any bugs to the flashrom mailing list at
-.B "<>"
+Please report any bugs to the
+.MTOB "" "flashrom mailing list" .
We recommend to subscribe first at
-.B ""
+.URLB "" "" .
Many of the developers communicate via the
.B "#flashrom"
IRC channel on
.BR .
+If you don't have an IRC client, you can use the
+.URLB "freenode webchat" .
You are welcome to join and ask questions, send us bug and success reports there
too. Please provide a way to contact you later (e.g.\& a mail address) and be
-patient if there is no immediate reaction. Also, we provide a pastebin service
+patient if there is no immediate reaction. Also, we provide a
+.URLB "pastebin service"
that is very useful when you want to share logs etc.\& without spamming the
@@ -1078,8 +1122,8 @@ paragraph in the
.B internal programmer
subsection of the
-section and the information in our wiki at
-.BR " " .
+section and the information
+.URLB "" "in our wiki" .
One-time programmable (OTP) memory and unique IDs
@@ -1174,8 +1218,10 @@ Yinghai Lu
some others, please see the flashrom svn changelog for details.
-All still active authors can be reached via email at <>.
+All still active authors can be reached via
+.MTOB "" "the mailing list" .
-This manual page was written by Uwe Hermann <>,
-Carl-Daniel Hailfinger and others.
+This manual page was written by
+.MTOB "" "Uwe Hermann" ,
+Carl-Daniel Hailfinger, Stefan Tauner and others.
It is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL (version 2 or later).
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