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authorDaniel Lenski <>2010-07-11 21:33:31 +0000
committerMichael Karcher <>2010-07-11 21:33:31 +0000
commit550f5c836c1c79a430af8d9275aedebc9c35eb8b (patch)
tree2fd275795bcd14c5bdafeb93be327be8a0b78bda /flashchips.h
parent4497e8613463418481a0467ddbf6db1dbba0c647 (diff)
Add support for the AMIC A25L80P
This is a 1 MB SPI chip that seems to be straightforwardly related to the AMIC A25L40PU, which has half the capacity but is otherwise identical. Datasheet is at flashrom -VE, -Vr, and -Vw has been tested using the AMD SB7x0 interface. Everything works fine... at least, I used it to upgrade my BIOS and I've been able to reboot. Corresponding to flashrom svn r1075. Signed-off-by: Daniel Lenski <> Acked-by: Michael Karcher <>
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/flashchips.h b/flashchips.h
index 326eea6..d3771f7 100644
--- a/flashchips.h
+++ b/flashchips.h
@@ -76,6 +76,7 @@
#define AMIC_ID 0x7F37 /* AMIC */
#define AMIC_ID_NOPREFIX 0x37 /* AMIC */
#define AMIC_A25L40P 0x2013
+#define AMIC_A25L80P 0x2014
#define AMIC_A29002B 0x0d
#define AMIC_A29002T 0x8C /* Same as A290021T */
#define AMIC_A29040B 0x86
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