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authorCarl-Daniel Hailfinger <>2009-10-01 13:15:01 +0000
committerCarl-Daniel Hailfinger <>2009-10-01 13:15:01 +0000
commit4010712033b988f0be85f790982a12bb4010094b (patch)
treeef7410b7271f893786b85dbc262f6740eecdd6d9 /flashchips.h
parent2bc98f6c915f615fe5262eceeeb280c12d337357 (diff)
Add comments about the meaning of block erase related struct flashchip members
Cosmetics: Place curly brackets on a common line. Add MX25V512 as alias name to MX25L512. Add MX25V8005 as alias name to MX25L8005. Add erase block definitions for MX25L2005, MX25L4005, MX25L8005, MX25L1605 and change their status to TEST_OK_PRW where applicable. Corresponding to flashrom svn r738. Signed-off-by: Carl-Daniel Hailfinger <> Acked-by: Stefan Reinauer <>
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1 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/flashchips.h b/flashchips.h
index 40edbbb..81ce250 100644
--- a/flashchips.h
+++ b/flashchips.h
@@ -251,11 +251,11 @@
* and use the same set of IDs.
#define MX_ID 0xC2 /* Macronix (MX) */
-#define MX_25L512 0x2010 /* 2^19 kbit or 2^16 kByte */
+#define MX_25L512 0x2010 /* Same as MX25V512 */
#define MX_25L1005 0x2011
#define MX_25L2005 0x2012
#define MX_25L4005 0x2013 /* MX25L4005{,A} */
-#define MX_25L8005 0x2014
+#define MX_25L8005 0x2014 /* Same as MX25V8005 */
#define MX_25L1605 0x2015 /* MX25L1605{,A,D} */
#define MX_25L3205 0x2016 /* MX25L3205{,A} */
#define MX_25L6405 0x2017 /* MX25L3205{,D} */
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