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Flashrom update from Stefan, resolve issue 21
Corresponding to flashrom svn r34 and coreboot v2 svn r2111.
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-on the cs5530 southbridge,
+This is the universal LinuxBIOS flash utility.
-setpci -s 0:12.0 52.b=ee
-setpci -x 0:12.0 5b.b= 0x20 (| with whatever is there)
+usage: ./flashrom [-rwvE] [-V] [-c chipname]
+ [-s exclude_start] [-e exclude_end] [file]
-I am making this a general-purpose userland flash burner -- RGM
+ -r | --read: read flash and save into file
+ -w | --write: write file into flash (default when file is specified)
+ -v | --verify: verify flash against file
+ -E | --erase: Erase flash device
+ -V | --verbose: more verbose output
-Earlier notes from Ollie:
+ -c | --chip <chipname>: probe only for specified flash chip
+ -s | --estart <addr>: exclude start position
+ -e | --eend <addr>: exclude end postion
+ -m | --mainboard <vendor:part>: override mainboard settings
+ -l | --layout <file.layout>: read rom layout from file
+ -i | --image <name>: only flash image name from flash layout
-Here is some utilities for using/programming flash ROM on SiS 630/950 M/Bs
+ If no file is specified, then all that happens
+ is that flash info is dumped and the flash chip is set to writable.
- 1. flash_on, turnning on the flash writer enable for 630/950 M/Bs,
- you have to run this before load DoC drivers.
- 2. flash_rom, use your 630/950 M/Bs as a flash programmer for some
- flash parts. This utility is made as modular as possible. If
- you find your flash part is not supported, you can add a driver
- your own. Or sending me the data sheet.
+LinuxBIOS table and Mainboard identification
+flashrom reads the LinuxBIOS table to determine the current mainboard.
+(Parse DMI as well in future?) If no LinuxBIOS table could be read
+or if you want to override these values, you can to specify -m ie.:
+ flashrom -w --mainboard ISLAND:ARUMA island_aruma.rom
+rom layout support
+flashrom supports rom layouts. This allows to flash certain parts of
+the flash chip only. A rom layout file looks like follows:
+ 00000000:00008fff gfxrom
+ 00009000:0003ffff normal
+ 00040000:0007ffff fallback
+ i.e.:
+ startaddr:endaddr name
+ all addresses are offsets within the file, not absolute addresses!
+If you only want to update the normal image in a rom you can say:
+ flashrom -w --layout rom.layout --image normal island_aruma.rom
+To update normal and fallback but leave the vga bios alone, say:
+ flashrom -w -l rom.layout -i normal -i fallback island_aruma.rom
+Currently overlapping sections are not spported.
+rom layouts should replace the -s and -e option since they are more
+flexible and they should lead to a rom update file format with the
+rom layout and the rom image in one file (cpio, zip or something?)
+DOC support
+DISK on Chip support is currently disabled since it is considered unstable.
+Change CFLAGS in the Makefile to enable it.
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