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authorIdwer Vollering <>2011-06-18 18:45:50 +0000
committerStefan Tauner <>2011-06-18 18:45:50 +0000
commit570dcc743aba1f818ed802da5e32b7fe4666c654 (patch)
parent326a060661bf1f144dcf2f52231515a5e6692e66 (diff)
Fix and add a few chipset_enables entries
Corresponding to flashrom svn r1343. Signed-off-by: Idwer Vollering <> Signed-off-by: Stefan Tauner <> Acked-by: Uwe Hermann <>
1 files changed, 10 insertions, 5 deletions
diff --git a/chipset_enable.c b/chipset_enable.c
index 0cad69d..b8ce165 100644
--- a/chipset_enable.c
+++ b/chipset_enable.c
@@ -1013,7 +1013,7 @@ static int get_flashbase_sc520(struct pci_dev *dev, const char *name)
const struct penable chipset_enables[] = {
#if defined(__i386__) || defined(__x86_64__)
{0x1002, 0x4377, OK, "ATI", "SB400", enable_flash_sb400},
- {0x1002, 0x438D, OK, "AMD", "SB600", enable_flash_sb600},
+ {0x1002, 0x438d, OK, "AMD", "SB600", enable_flash_sb600},
{0x1002, 0x439d, OK, "AMD", "SB700/SB710/SB750/SB850", enable_flash_sb600},
{0x100b, 0x0510, NT, "AMD", "SC1100", enable_flash_sc1100},
{0x1022, 0x2080, OK, "AMD", "CS5536", enable_flash_cs5536},
@@ -1052,7 +1052,7 @@ const struct penable chipset_enables[] = {
{0x1039, 0x5597, NT, "SiS", "5597/5598/5581/5120", enable_flash_sis530},
{0x1039, 0x5600, NT, "SiS", "600", enable_flash_sis530},
{0x1078, 0x0100, OK, "AMD", "CS5530(A)", enable_flash_cs5530},
- {0x10B9, 0x1533, OK, "ALi", "M1533", enable_flash_ali_m1533},
+ {0x10b9, 0x1533, OK, "ALi", "M1533", enable_flash_ali_m1533},
{0x10de, 0x0030, OK, "NVIDIA", "nForce4/MCP4", enable_flash_nvidia_nforce2},
{0x10de, 0x0050, OK, "NVIDIA", "CK804", enable_flash_ck804}, /* LPC */
{0x10de, 0x0051, OK, "NVIDIA", "CK804", enable_flash_ck804}, /* Pro */
@@ -1115,8 +1115,8 @@ const struct penable chipset_enables[] = {
{0x1106, 0x3372, OK, "VIA", "VT8237S", enable_flash_vt8237s_spi},
{0x1106, 0x8231, NT, "VIA", "VT8231", enable_flash_vt823x},
{0x1106, 0x8324, OK, "VIA", "CX700", enable_flash_vt823x},
- {0x1106, 0x8353, OK, "VIA", "VX800", enable_flash_vt8237s_spi},
- {0x1106, 0x8409, OK, "VIA", "VX855", enable_flash_vt823x},
+ {0x1106, 0x8353, OK, "VIA", "VX800/VX820", enable_flash_vt8237s_spi},
+ {0x1106, 0x8409, OK, "VIA", "VX855/VX875", enable_flash_vt823x},
{0x1166, 0x0200, OK, "Broadcom", "OSB4", enable_flash_osb4},
{0x1166, 0x0205, OK, "Broadcom", "HT-1000", enable_flash_ht1000},
{0x8086, 0x122e, OK, "Intel", "PIIX", enable_flash_piix4},
@@ -1125,6 +1125,7 @@ const struct penable chipset_enables[] = {
{0x8086, 0x2420, OK, "Intel", "ICH0", enable_flash_ich_4e},
{0x8086, 0x2440, OK, "Intel", "ICH2", enable_flash_ich_4e},
{0x8086, 0x244c, OK, "Intel", "ICH2-M", enable_flash_ich_4e},
+ {0x8086, 0x2450, NT, "Intel", "C-ICH", enable_flash_ich_4e},
{0x8086, 0x2480, OK, "Intel", "ICH3-S", enable_flash_ich_4e},
{0x8086, 0x248c, OK, "Intel", "ICH3-M", enable_flash_ich_4e},
{0x8086, 0x24c0, OK, "Intel", "ICH4/ICH4-L", enable_flash_ich_4e},
@@ -1133,6 +1134,7 @@ const struct penable chipset_enables[] = {
{0x8086, 0x25a1, OK, "Intel", "6300ESB", enable_flash_ich_4e},
{0x8086, 0x2640, OK, "Intel", "ICH6/ICH6R", enable_flash_ich_dc},
{0x8086, 0x2641, OK, "Intel", "ICH6-M", enable_flash_ich_dc},
+ {0x8086, 0x2642, NT, "Intel", "ICH6W/ICH6RW", enable_flash_ich_dc},
{0x8086, 0x2670, OK, "Intel", "631xESB/632xESB/3100", enable_flash_ich_dc},
{0x8086, 0x27b0, OK, "Intel", "ICH7DH", enable_flash_ich7},
{0x8086, 0x27b8, OK, "Intel", "ICH7/ICH7R", enable_flash_ich7},
@@ -1151,10 +1153,12 @@ const struct penable chipset_enables[] = {
{0x8086, 0x2917, OK, "Intel", "ICH9M-E", enable_flash_ich9},
{0x8086, 0x2918, OK, "Intel", "ICH9", enable_flash_ich9},
{0x8086, 0x2919, OK, "Intel", "ICH9M", enable_flash_ich9},
+ {0x8086, 0x3a10, NT, "Intel", "ICH10R Engineering Sample", enable_flash_ich10},
{0x8086, 0x3a14, OK, "Intel", "ICH10DO", enable_flash_ich10},
{0x8086, 0x3a16, OK, "Intel", "ICH10R", enable_flash_ich10},
{0x8086, 0x3a18, OK, "Intel", "ICH10", enable_flash_ich10},
{0x8086, 0x3a1a, OK, "Intel", "ICH10D", enable_flash_ich10},
+ {0x8086, 0x3a1e, NT, "Intel", "ICH10 Engineering Sample", enable_flash_ich10},
{0x8086, 0x3b00, NT, "Intel", "3400 Desktop", enable_flash_ich10},
{0x8086, 0x3b01, NT, "Intel", "3400 Mobile", enable_flash_ich10},
{0x8086, 0x3b02, NT, "Intel", "P55", enable_flash_ich10},
@@ -1176,7 +1180,8 @@ const struct penable chipset_enables[] = {
{0x8086, 0x7000, OK, "Intel", "PIIX3", enable_flash_piix4},
{0x8086, 0x7110, OK, "Intel", "PIIX4/4E/4M", enable_flash_piix4},
{0x8086, 0x7198, OK, "Intel", "440MX", enable_flash_piix4},
- {0x8086, 0x8119, OK, "Intel", "Poulsbo", enable_flash_poulsbo},
+ {0x8086, 0x8119, OK, "Intel", "SCH Poulsbo", enable_flash_poulsbo},
+ {0x8086, 0x8186, NT, "Intel", "Atom E6xx(T)/Tunnel Creek", enable_flash_poulsbo},
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