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Add new RAID GEOM class, that is going to replace ataraid(4) in supporting various BIOS-based software RAIDs. Unlike ataraid(4) this implementation does not depend on legacy ata(4) subsystem and can be used with any disk drivers, including new CAM-based ones (ahci(4), siis(4), mvs(4), ata(4) with `options ATA_CAM`). To make code more readable and extensible, this implementation follows modular design, including core part and two sets of modules, implementing support for different metadata formats and RAID levels. Support for such popular metadata formats is now implemented: Intel, JMicron, NVIDIA, Promise (also used by AMD/ATI) and SiliconImage. Such RAID levels are now supported: RAID0, RAID1, RAID1E, RAID10, SINGLE, CONCAT. For any all of these RAID levels and metadata formats this class supports full cycle of volume operations: reading, writing, creation, deletion, disk removal and insertion, rebuilding, dirty shutdown detection and resynchronization, bad sector recovery, faulty disks tracking, hot-spare disks. For Intel and Promise formats there is support multiple volumes per disk set. Look graid(8) manual page for additional details. Co-authored by: imp Sponsored by: Cisco Systems, Inc. and iXsystems, Inc.
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@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ LSUBDIRS= cam/ata cam/scsi \
${_fs_nwfs} fs/portalfs fs/procfs fs/smbfs fs/udf fs/unionfs \
geom/cache geom/concat geom/eli geom/gate geom/journal geom/label \
geom/mirror geom/mountver geom/multipath geom/nop \
- geom/raid3 geom/shsec geom/stripe geom/virstor \
+ geom/raid geom/raid3 geom/shsec geom/stripe geom/virstor \
netgraph/atm netgraph/netflow \
security/audit \
security/mac_biba security/mac_bsdextended security/mac_lomac \
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