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Persistently store NIC's hardware MAC address, and add a way to retrive it
jhb pointed out that (struct ifnet) is part of the network driver KBI, and thus the offsets of internal fields must not change. Therefore, move the new "if_hw_addr" field to the end, and consume one of the "if_pspare"s; that's what they're there for. Because netmap on stable/10 uses "if_pspare[0]", the new field replaces the *last* element of that array; that way, offsetof(if_pspare) is unchanged compared to before r318430. PR: 194386 Reviewed by: jhb Pointyhat to: rpokala Sponsored by: Panasas (cherry picked from commit 2f103d239c07e4f88b9852f3b8689f100d7a31d0)
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