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MFC r318160, 318176: Persistently store NIC's hardware MAC address, and add
a way to retrive it NOTE: Due to restructuring, the merges didn't apply cleanly; the resulting change is almost identical to what went into stable/11, but in some cases in different locations. The MAC address reported by `ifconfig ${nic} ether' does not always match the address in the hardware, as reported by the driver during attach. In particular, NICs which are components of a lagg(4) interface all report the same MAC. When attaching, the NIC driver passes the MAC address it read from the hardware as an argument to ether_ifattach(). Keep a second copy of it, and create ioctl(SIOCGHWADDR) to return it. Teach `ifconfig' to report it along with the active MAC address. PR: 194386 (cherry picked from commit 2ce46e31d62424593e08c3853efe8c1e9283aba2)
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