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Add <stdalign.h> and <stdnoreturn.h>.
Even though these header files make little sense to me, they are part of the standard. By including these header files, you can simply use `alignas', `alignof' and `noreturn' instead of the underscore-prefixed versions.
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diff --git a/include/Makefile b/include/Makefile
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--- a/include/Makefile
+++ b/include/Makefile
@@ -19,8 +19,8 @@ INCS= a.out.h ar.h assert.h bitstring.h complex.h cpio.h _ctype.h ctype.h \
printf.h proc_service.h pthread.h \
pthread_np.h pwd.h ranlib.h readpassphrase.h regex.h \
res_update.h resolv.h runetype.h search.h semaphore.h setjmp.h \
- signal.h spawn.h stab.h stdatomic.h \
- stdbool.h stddef.h stdio.h stdlib.h string.h stringlist.h \
+ signal.h spawn.h stab.h stdalign.h stdatomic.h stdbool.h stddef.h \
+ stdnoreturn.h stdio.h stdlib.h string.h stringlist.h \
strings.h sysexits.h tar.h termios.h tgmath.h \
time.h timeconv.h timers.h ttyent.h \
ulimit.h unistd.h utime.h utmpx.h uuid.h varargs.h vis.h \
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