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@@ -126,22 +126,22 @@ Hard links may not normally refer to directories and may not span file systems.
A symbolic link contains the name of the file to
which it is linked.
The referenced file is used when an
-.Xr open 2
+.Xr open 2
operation is performed on the link.
-.Xr stat 2
+.Xr stat 2
on a symbolic link will return the linked-to file; an
-.Xr lstat 2
+.Xr lstat 2
must be done to obtain information about the link.
-.Xr readlink 2
+.Xr readlink 2
call may be used to read the contents of a symbolic link.
Symbolic links may span file systems and may refer to directories.
Given one or two arguments,
creates a link to an existing file
-.Ar source_file .
+.Ar source_file .
.Ar target_file
is given, the link has that name;
@@ -150,7 +150,7 @@ may also be a directory in which to place the link;
otherwise it is placed in the current directory.
If only the directory is specified, the link will be made
to the last component of
-.Ar source_file .
+.Ar source_file .
Given more than two arguments,
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